Enjoy highlights from “As Always, Jimmy Stewart” onm July 6!

 Check out this spotlight from the Unbound Half Marathon – Saturday, July 6th at The Colony Theatre

5:00pm ~ Highlights from As Always, Jimmy Stewart

* This performance will support The Colony Theatre.

Steve Nevil in As Always, Jimmy StewartWritten by Steve Nevil and Ted Snyder
Based on the words of Jimmy Stewart
Original direction byTed Snyder
Starring Steve Nevil

It’s well past midnight and Jimmy Stewart can’t sleep. In the den of his house on Roxbury Drive, Jimmy takes the audience on a journey of his wonderful life on and off the silver screen–his film triumphs, his biggest bombs, his youthful misadventures with Henry Fonda, and his amorous exploits with movieland’s top leading ladies.

“This deserves to be seen and to be heard because it is so good. It’s a wonderful show!”
– Ira Fistel, KABC Talk Radio