Standby Procedure – Get On The List For Sold Out Shows

Standby for Wicked Lit 2013The Dead Smile - Eric Keitel and Melissa Lugo - Photo by Daniel Kitayama - small

Wicked Lit 2013 is selling out left and right! If you would like to try and attend a sold out performance, please add yourself to our standby list using this form. Completing this form does not secure you a ticket to Wicked Lit 2013, it simply establishes a priority among all of the patrons that show up on the night of a given performance. The only way to guarantee yourself a ticket to the show is to purchase an advance ticket on an available date.

The Process

1. Add yourself to a standby list for a specific date using this form
2. Show up to the performance that you want to attend as early as possibly, starting at 6:15pm
3. Standby tickets will be sold for $50 each to standby patrons starting at 6:15 in order of priority (the lower the number – the higher the priority).

See the updated priority lists at

Announcing the Cast, Designers, and Production Team for Wicked Lit 2013!

CASTWL photo montage
Chairman Barnes (Burger ~ The New Catacomb)
Jennifer Novak Chun (Cellist Masquer ~ The Masque Experience)
Stephen Davalos (Masquer – The Masque Experience)
Eric DeLoretta (Ichabod ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
Bianca Gisselle (Singer ~ The Masque Experience)
Jaclyn Friedlander (Masquer ~ The Masque Experience)
Eric Harris (Bo Willis ~ The Lurking Fear)
LizAnne Keigley (Deputy Becky Trask ~ The Lurking Fear)
Eric Keitel (Duro Jones ~ The Lurking Fear)
Ilona Kulinska (Katrina Van Tassel ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
Richard Large (Deputy Rick Tobey ~ The Lurking Fear)
Carlos Larkin (Kennedy ~ The New Catacomb)
Brandon Massey (Masquer ~ The Masque Experience)
Susannah Myrvold (The Buffoon ~ The Masque Experience)
Katie Pelensky (Mary ~ The New Catacomb)
Brian David Pope (Sheriff Arnold Trask ~ The Lurking Fear)
Michael Prichard (Baltrus Van Tassel ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
Teena Pugliese (Masquer ~ The Masque of the Red Death)
David Reynolds (Ensemble ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
Shawn Savage (Brom Bones ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
Tory N. Thompson (Adam Munroe ~ The Lurking Fear)
Jonah Zimmerberg-Helms (Masquer ~ The Masque Experience)

Christine Cover Ferro (Costume Designer)
Drew Dalzell (Sound Designer)
Noelle Hoffman (Associate Sound Designer/Sound Engineer)
Angie Hobin (Choreographer)
Julie Pound (Make-Up Designer)
Ric Zimmerman (Lighting Designer)

Jacqueline Adorni (Production Manager)
Mary Lansing (Stage Manager ~ The New Catacomb)
Aurora Long (Stage Manager ~ The Masque Experience)
TaShaunna Peterman (Stage Manager ~ The Lurking Fear)
Vincent Sanchez (Stage Manager ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)