Unbound Productions is proud to announce
auditions for HISTORY LIT 2016

JJ Mobile Uploads 231HISTORY LIT 2016 will be produced by Unbound Productions in association with the Pasadena Museum of History. Rehearsals will take place at Mountain View Mausoleum ~ 2300 N. Marengo Ave. Altadena CA 91001 and at the Fenyes Estate on the campus of the museum ~ 470 W. Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA 91103. All performances will take place at the Fenyes Estate.

Rehearsals will start on June 4, 2016. Performances will run July 9 – 31, 2016.
Pay is a $300 rehearsal stipend and $30/performance.

Auditions will be held at Beverly Hills High School (site of Theatre 40) located at 241 Moreno Drive Beverly Hills 90210.

Auditions will take place on Tuesday, May 24 from 7pm – 10pm and on Thursday, May 26 from 7pm – 10pm. Callbacks are scheduled for Tuesday, May 31 from 7pm – 10pm.

To schedule an audition appointment, please email Paul here with a preferred date/time.

The plays featured include:

The Garden Party
By Jonathan Josephson
Directed by Aurora Culver
Adapted from the short story of the same name by Katherine Mansfield

It is an ideal night for a party at the Sheridan estate and young Laura has had the time of her life playing hostess to a throng of party guests. But when an unexpected accident befalls a stranger who lives down the road, Laura’s congenial life may be changed forever.

Laura (female, 13-16 yrs)
Headstrong teenager from a wealthy family who questions the status quo. British accent required.

Mrs. Sheridan (female, 35-42 yrs)
Laura’s mother. Society lady who believes in social norms. British accent required.

Mr. Sheridan (male, 35-45 yrs)
Laura’s father. Local physician who tries to keep an open mind. British accent required.

Eloise (female, 25-40 yrs)
Grieving local woman from a poor background. British accent required.

Laura/Mrs. Sheridan
Laura/Mr. & Mrs. Sheridan

Two Pictures in One
By Paul Millet
Directed by Darin Anthony
Adapted from the short story “The Two Altars: Or Two Pictures in One” by Harriet Beecher Stowe

A simultaneous chronicle of the lives and fates of two early Massachusetts families: the Wards, an 18th Century Anglo family living during the early days of the American Revolution and the Caffeys, a 19th Century African-American family living ten years prior to the Civil War. By juxtaposing these two points in time, Two Pictures in One examines ideas of freedom and personal consequences.

Roxy ~ (Caucasian female, 35-40 yrs)
Strong-willed mother during the American Revolution who knows how to hide her vulnerability.

Dick/Dorothy (Caucasian male or female, 8-12 yrs)
Roxy’s youngest. Precocious and smart.

John ~ (Caucasian male, 14-18 yrs)
Roxy’s eldest. Brave and smart. Strong beliefs.

Mae ~ (African American female, 30-40 yrs)
Strong-willed mother, born free in 19th Century Boston.

George ~ (African American female, 30-45 yrs)
Former slave who escaped to Boston. Courageous and smart.

Mary ~ (African American female, 8-12 yrs)
George and Mae’s daughter. Smart but a little sheltered.

Frederick/Henry/Auctioneer #1 ~ (Caucasian male, 25-50 yrs)
A solder during the Revolutionary War and a bounty hunter during the Civil War. More compassionate.

Charles/Phillip/Auctioneer #2 ~ (Caucasian male, 25-50 yrs)
A soldier during the Revolutionary War and a bounty hunter during the Civil War. Less compassionate.

Frederick/Henry & Charles/Phillip
Roxy /Dick/Frederick/Charles

Untitled “Carousel” Show
3 -4 roles (age/race/gender open) ~ These roles may involve audience interaction and stylized movement.

Inspired by the current Museum exhibition of carousel animals. Although there are no sides for this show, everyone auditioning for the other 2 plays will also be in consideration for this show.