Teena P - Photo by Daniel Kitayama - smallUnbound Productions Membership

Members of Unbound Productions ensure the stability of our organization by making monthly donations to our theatre company on a rolling basis. Members not only allow us to grow our artistic programming but also support our education and outreach programs.


168 Members and Counting!

Members are also able to see our annual Wicked Lit production in the fall for free, our summer production (announced at the beginning of each year) for free, get reserved seating for free events such as workshop readings, receive a $5 discount on all event tickets for friends, and get $5 off additional events and fundraisers throughout the year!


To become a Member between August 1 and November 15,
first attend the fall production of Wicked Lit as a single ticket buyer, and then either sign up at the venue or email Jonathan for details.

Our Members

Fred Alcantar
Brian Allgeier and Jenifer Hannah
Dr. Kimberly Ball and Scott Forbes
Todd Andrew Ball
Bonnie and Cary Blume
Kim Bolanger
Francisco Bracho
Quinn Callicott
Matthew Capurro
Robert Carpino
Debra and James Carruth
Herbert Castaneda and Danielle Dane

David Charles

Teresa Chaure
Maria Chaure
Charles Chlipala
Jan Christian and Chuck Christian
Micah Cover
Aurora Culver

Jesus and Jannett De La Cruz
Grant Davis
Loren Dearborn and Harry Morris
Catherine and Fabio Del Core
Kristy Edwards
Lisa Eglinton
Lori and Shawn Fidler
Allison Fogarty
Jeff Folschinsky
Jeffrey Fradley
Barbara Eils
Rich Eils
Steve Garcia
Carol Germain
Dan Goodkin
Naomi and Norman Goodkin
Lisa Gore and Taylor Shaw
Alisa Grant
Anna Graves and Hugh Mac Dhubhaie
Kathleen Hanson
James and Liza Hantske
Michael Hegeman
Linda Heineman
Jennifer Herstein
Dustin Hess
Patrick Hill and Richard Norman
Angela Hobin
Abel Horowitz
Ricardo Hurtado
Wayne Hustis
Lucero Iniguez
Stephanie Jaso
Sarah Johnson
Barry and Pamela Josephson
Matthew Josephson
Jane Kerford, Chuck Kerford, Chelsea Kerford, Kelly Camacho, and Bindu Sangha
Karen Kahler
Pixie and Frank Klemic
Adriana Klieman
Kimberly Knapp
Mary Knauf
Linda Kuratomi
Kiri Lahey
John A. Lane III and Priscilla Longoria
Sharon Laubach
Seth Levenson
Alicia Lomas-Gross
Bradford Macneil
Dianne Mallon, Brighid Mallon, Julia Ciarfalia, Rose Ciarfalia, Patrick Mallon
Shelley, Julie and Katherine Martin
Patricia A. Martinez and Gerald M. Martinez.
Daryl A. Maxwell
David Meslovich
Shari and Lorenzo Michaels
Ronni and Michael Minnis
Andrew Mishkin
Annette Moore
Evangeline Moreno
Dama Montalvo
Steve and Stacey Montgomery
Patty Murphy
Gloria Nakamura
Oanh Nguyen and Casey Long
Casey Olson and Grant Davis
Cynthia Ornelas
Bobby Orozco, Jr.
Melody Orozco
Masis Parunyan
Mary Perl
Mindy Pfieffer and Jordan Vannini
Daniel Phillips
Brian David Pope
John Quintus
Dr. Kristopher Rinehart and Katherine AV
Natalie Rezek and Hoan Luu
Johanna Rose and Aaron Miller
James Rudd
Timmothy Rutt and Mary Herman
Christina Rouw
Catherine Ryder
Ann Salvador and Pamela Rivera
Cristina Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez
Nancy Scott
Christina Sheldon
Anne and Dr. Dennis Smiler
Christina Sprenger
Susan Stromin
Tom and Linda Tcimpidis
Bryan Thornton
Cecile Tio
Katherine Treadwell
Katie Treydte
Claudia Van Gorden
Carol Voznick
Edith and Zhanna Weil
Eric Wite and Elaine Chan
Ken Yapkowitz, Brownyn Dawson, Carolee Doing,  John Doing, and Fionn James
Robin Yaplee
Wesley Yoshida